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Training your team and the people of your network has never been easier


Train the Trainer Workshops

This is our preferred method of teaching. We want to empower you and your people so that you are able to help one another. FP Solutions are here to enact positive change in financial planning business. The Train the Trainer programs are designed to allow industry groups and dealer networks to learn the content of the Practice Development Program (PDP), and to then teach this to their own networks. MS provides the platform which allows this to happen.

MS allows users to add their own educational content to the training process to customise content to suit their needs. It also enables trainers to build or add their own tasks, templates and action plans for use by their own networks. MS also allows trainers to monitor the usage of these documents, tasks, templates and action plans within the networks. It also highlights when users of the tasks, templates and action plans need help. This feature ensures that the ongoing learning and development of people within a network is fluid and constant; it also contributes to the reporting on performance of users for the benefit of employers and managers.

Where trainers are acting as Business Development Managers, MS provides the infrastructure for BDMs to quantify and qualify the performance of the people whom they are helping in order to keep them accountable. It provides tools to run business development meetings, employee development meetings, and assists in the development of a business’s growth.

Business Coaching

Having a business coach helps to steer business owners and managers in the right direction.

While every client and business is different, it is prudent to start with a day of planning where we take a business scorecard approach to analysing every aspect of your business and identifying the gaps. We then work with you to create a plan that puts in place a step-by-step process to enact some positive change within your business. The biggest benefit of the coaching program is having an objective outsider with a fresh viewpoint to sit down and plan a whole year of different elements which may need to be fixed or improved within your business.

A critical part of the business is constantly touching base with the business manager or owner in order to help them support and maintain the ideas which they have been putting together to ensure the plan happens. We know that the most difficult thing for a business manager or owner to do is to take time off to work on the business rather than in it.

Once a person has taken time off to work on their business or business unit, keeping them accountable and honest to what they are planning to achieve is essential.

Remember, the people that are making mistakes are the ones who are great at working in their business but usually not good at working on their business. They are typically people who are technicians; they have not taken the time to look at their business and work out whether what they are doing is the best action or where they may improve their actions.

This is where forcing people to step out of the business into a forum or a workshop environment is beneficial – it allows them to focus on the business rather than just work in it.


We are strong advocates of sharing knowledge. Providing knowledge to financial planners at conferences empowers them to improve themselves and effect positive change in their businesses. We facilitate the forums at conferences to assist financial planners in building their businesses.

The Practice Development Program has more than 50 learning modules, each relevant to financial planning and each customisable to assist the organisers of conferences in providing to their financial planner networks, information they believe is relevant and beneficial.

Planner Performance Groups

Financial Planning Performance Groups focus on business and profit improvement. Performance groups bring together 10 to 15 non-competing financial planning business owners or managers and an experienced facilitator to drive long-term business improvement.

Dealer groups want their networks to grow; financial planners are equally enthusiastic to grow, and the secret to success is helping one another’s businesses by sharing knowledge and affecting positive change. This is where sharing with others what the best in the network are doing helps; this is where Financial Planning Performance Groups work, because:

  • the facilitator runs a well structured agenda which shapes productive discussion
  • regular benchmarking monitors changes in business performance and helps to identify opportunities for profit improvement
  • members share knowledge, which widens the pool of ideas and experiences
  • members set goals and are accountable for meeting them
  • they provide support, feedback and networking with peers who share similar goals
  • Between meetings, conference calls are organised to check how group members are doing with their business improvement goals, and ensure ongoing accountability.

One on One Power Coaching

Our business Power Coaching program allows us to work more intensely with our clients one-on-one, as not everyone is suited to the group environment. Power Coaching allows us to spend time with an individual to get to the heart of any issues they may have, and it also aims to protect our clients’ privacy. One of the unique benefits of One-on-One Power Coaching is that we still have access to the market data collated through our systems. These benchmarking benefits are also available to individuals through the Financial Planning PDP.

Part of our business coaching involves productivity, performance, cost analysis and benchmarking. Having access and understanding the numbers behind a financial planning business, and subsequently being able to change the direction in which the numbers go, is critical to a business’s success.