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Delivering the Practice Development Program

Today, people need flexibility in their working world. FP Solutions are happy to facilitate learning solutions to meet your specific needs.

FP Solutions provide a free business assessment questionnaire to new users. This questionnaire will create a baseline for your business, defining which aspects of the business are in good health and those which require attention.

It provides a springboard for you to launch immediately into improving the way your business works. You can begin fixing the areas that need improvement immediately by:

  1. Using tutorials to learn how to fix the problem
  2. Using the tutorial examples to see how to apply what you've learned in your business
  3. Using the tutorial templates provided to build your solutions
  4. Use Manager Solutions to turn the solution you've created into a system template for yourself and others
  5. Communicate your solution to the people who need to know about it using Manager Solutions and
  6. If there are performance benchmarks required to measure your systems success and how others use it, you can easily set these using Manager Solutions.

Online: at Your Convenience

Our educators are experienced with multiple qualifications in education, training, commerce, finance and technology. They can help you to create and deliver solutions globally.

We are delighted to offer you a guarantee on the services provided through the Practice Development Program

The practice development program is online. You can log in and learn, apply and implement the practice development program content and tools into your business whenever you like.

There is a structured process which you may want to follow in order to extract the most value from the practice development program or you may select specific components of the program and complete them at your leisure.

The online application has been designed to allow business owners and managers to train their staff and, where necessary contractors, in practice management and the specific areas of the business for which individuals are responsible. For example, one staff member may be responsible for the marketing within a business. This person may only need to focus on marketing as a learning area. A business manager who is responsible for the performance of other staff and ensuring the company achieves its budgets may need to learn about leadership, management and money.