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FP Learning

When running a financial planning business, the product IS the financial plan. Learning to run a business requires strategic and tactical learning. Task specific learning is for the technicians within each business. To give sufficient scope for planners to learn client fulfillment, which is the production of a financial plan, the delivery of a financial plan and the ongoing servicing of the plan, a separate learning platform has been created.

This is FP Learning. It has been designed to reflect the financial planning process and allow users to learn at any time, from relevant content.

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Tools and templates

The PDP’s document library is available to all users to assist them in building their own solutions. Users can create their own tools and templates to enhance the system solutions on offer using the Manager Solutions tools that include:

  • Interactive organisational charts to define their business
  • Interactive position agreements that define responsibilities for people in the organisational charts
  • Interactive manager tools to allow managers to hold their teams accountable
  • Interactive employee and business development meetings that blend the organisational chart’s material with the interactive position agreements and the interactive manager
  • Tools to create a valuable and accurate employee performance assessment relative to position responsibilities
  • Interactive, independent third party management solutions to allow users to develop, manage and maintain business relationships with non-employees in a controlled, structured, quantifiable manner
  • A library of over 500 documents to assist users in running a smooth operation
  • Tasks and action plan (a series of tasks that when completed in a sequence create a desired outcome) templates to assist users in running their businesses
  • The PDP, which is designed to teach people to be successful in their business.

Learning Models Available

There is a gradual shift away from the traditional teaching and training methods within businesses today. Traditional methods have been based upon academic qualification. These include:

  1. Online learning at the learner’s leisure
  2. Business coaching—structured regular training and application
  3. One on one intensive coaching (intensive application)
  4. Performance group learning
  5. Train the trainer
  6. A library of over 500 documents to assist users in running a smooth operation
  7. Seminars
  8. Conferences

Today the trend for learning is towards unstructured learner centred models designed to meet specific needs of learners. The models for learning are transitioning between the traditional and the new so both methods of learning need to be accommodated in the creation of learning platforms for business.

Learners today choose structured or unstructured learning approaches. The structured model walks users through the education process through a series of regular learning objectives, engagements with their business coach and assessment of their ongoing application of learning materials, with variable time frames depending on the preference of the learner. Unstructured learning allows the learner to choose their learning requirements based on interest or demand at a time which suits them.

Business Assessment

FP Solutions provide a free business assessment questionnaire to new users. This questionnaire creates a baseline for the new users' business, refining which aspects of the business are in good health and those that require attention.