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Practice Development is achieved when people within a practice become better at what they do, its simple.

The Practice Development Program (PDP) is an online education and training tool designed for you. It will empower you, improve your productivity, teach you to lead, teach, mentor and manage others and most importantly help you to drive growth in your business and business networks.

The PDP teaches planners, their managers and their staff how to provide a great financial planning product and service, and at the same time build a successful financial planning business.

Knowledge brings power

Knowledge is the foundation of good enterprise. With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes the power to effect change. This principle is the one upon which the PDP has been established – this Practice Development Program has been designed to empower all people who use it.

The education and training program designed to teach people in business about business. It imparts to financial services practitioners the knowledge they need to grow their business, when they need it, and in a way that may be immediately implemented into their business.

This course, unlike others, incorporates the practical application of the knowledge imparted through the online system called Manager Solutions.

Our online training systems give you all the knowledge and tools you need for a successful experience

Begin to acquire knowledge FOR YOU

To get the most from your learning experience, follow the preferred learning order. There is a vast amount of information stored in the Practice Development Program Tutorials and the Financial Planning Tutorials. If you work through these systematically you will acquire the knowledge to become a very successful planning practitioner.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Follow a structured or unstructured learning program
  • Use the learning to gain CPD points
  • Create your own knowledge library as you learn
  • Create reusable tests, materials, surveys and evaluations
  • Create tutorials for training others

Begin to acquire knowledge FOR YOUR COMPANY

Your staff can also be registered to learn through the Practice Development Program and the Financial Planning Program.

Each staff member has specific position responsibilities and you can easily refine the learning areas appropriate to your staff based on these responsibilities.

You can use our training tools or create your own training programs that can be used over and over again, with staff and others.

  • Create documents in the company library
  • Share these documents with your staff and whomever else you would like
  • Build documents, audio files, videos, tests, surveys, questionnaires and more into your own tutorials with ease
  • Set tutorials for others to complete
  • Create reusable material and lock all of this knowledge away into an intuitive, intelligent library that will allow you, and anyone else invited by you, to access these tools at relevant times in their work lives.

Perfect for capturing your knowledge and not letting it go to waste.