Making Practice Management Perfect

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Management is all about delivering accountability to your people. To deliver accountability to your people by being a good manager is about taking the ideas and thoughts that are in your head and building these into systems and solutions that will benefit you, your team and the company.

Manager Solutions (MS) is the tool you need to deliver practice management solutions to your business.

Financial planners, dealer groups, bank and non-bank financial institutions and financial planning industry groups live symbiotically – each group needs the others to thrive and survive. MS provides the tools to easily manage relationships and benchmark workflows whilst allowing groups to work collaboratively and maintaining individuality, independence and autonomy. MS has been designed to facilitate these relationships in a cost effective, user-friendly environment.

MS allows users to:

  • Work independently to manage their own time and business requirements
  • Work with fellow employees in a controlled, structured, professional manner
  • Work with contractors and independent third parties like business referral partners, dealer groups and financial institutions
  • Set tasks or action plans (a series of tasks) for one another in a secure environment
  • Track, qualify and quantify the progress of all relationships, in terms of productivity, with one another.

This provides users with information they need to manage, analyse and grow their businesses efficiently and effectively.

MS delivers the infrastructure needed to manage and grow businesses. It provides:

  • Tools and templates to teach people how to be better in their jobs
  • The flexibility to allows users to build their own business tools in a structured, controlled business environment where completion or delegation of tasks becomes easy to do and easy to manage
  • Tools to manage user and manager personal and professional development
  • Performance reports to focus business managers on the correct benchmarks to improve productivity, cost and effective business development in a quantifiable manner.

Application of knowledge brings success

MS easily and efficiently implements the changes you learn each day. It allows you to turn initiatives into system solutions; it allows you to turn frustrations into problems solved through the development of system solutions.