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M SOLUTIONS: Employee Management & Development

In management, accountability is very important; responsibility is just as important

Accountability is different at different levels within the business – every person within the business is responsible for a certain set of tasks, actions and objectives. Every person needs to be personally accountable for the jobs that they have been given to do.

People in your business should be enthusiastic to be responsible and accountable. Your job as a manager is to ensure that your people do want to provide fantastic results whilst being personally responsible for the jobs that they are required to fulfil.

In reality, most businesses don't manage this way. Most businesses don't hold people accountable. Managing people so they are accountable will provide you with a business that is delivering your strategic objective for you. If you manage your business without holding people accountable, you are steering a rudderless ship and run the risk of either getting lost or crashing the business. You will not find joy in your business this way; you will find frustration and pain because you will not be achieving what you really want to. So manage with systems – it works!

Manager Solutions—Employee Management Tools

Manager solutions provide easy to use tools and templates that will help you to

  • Recruit and employ the right people
  • Create position agreement that you can benchmark against
  • Set work for your staff with ease
  • Create task and action plan templates to maintain consistency in work
  • Price work as you like by hourly rates, cost, overhead rate, margin or project price easily
  • Create employee management meetings that automatically update the productivity and performance of your people.
  • Manage people to keep them accountable any time, anywhere with ease.
  • Benchmark performance of you team and their workflows with ease.

Developing your people brings rewards to them, you, your business and your customers

Manager solutions have tools to allow you to develop you people with ease and benchmark how they are growing relative to their expectations and yours.

We'll show you how to create employee development meetings with the click of a button. It's that simple

You can use employee development meetings to keep your company’s strategic objective filtering through your whole organisation to create the culture you want. These meetings may vary depending on the size and type of organisation and can be held weekly, fortnightly monthly or when you like.

Employee development meetings, whilst not a social chat, should be enjoyable and also productive they may contain the following information:

  • Conflict Resolution work issues with people and policy.
  • Personal Development—time management, where am I going in my career?
  • Professional Development: training needs
  • Coaching employees to improve their work performance
  • Setting, prioritising and planning tasks and assignments
  • Tracking work: projects/systems development/controlling calendars etc.
  • Reviewing work
  • Employees’ understanding of their position agreements, responsibilities & accountabilities
  • Employee performance review meetings
  • Ways to improve: work/company/ideas
  • Confronting substandard performance & behavioural problems
  • Problem solving: projects/work assignments/products or services