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Our vision is to help you in your business by delivering practice development and management solutions to financial planners, dealer groups, product providers and industry associations to assist them in growing their business.

FP Solutions has been created with a clear belief that knowledge brings power but it is the application of knowledge that brings success. With this in mind, we look forward to showing to you how the two products created by FP solutions work together to deliver knowledge and its application.

financial practice solutions overview

Knowledge Objectives

Our knowledge objectives focus on learning outcomes. These objectives are:

  1. To help learners acquire a useful base of relevant and explicit knowledge.
  2. To encourage learners to make better use of what they already know, and
  3. To more closely align learning with specific job requirements.

Application Objectives

Our objectives focus specifically on the application of knowledge in business. They are:

  1. To better prepare learners to meet their workplace demands
  2. To create methods to transition information into useful work related knowledge
  3. To tie employees learning goals to the mission, goals, objectives and strategies of the company, and
  4. To develop ways to recruit and retain highly talented workers through performance management.

Growth Objectives

Our growth objectives are to:

  1. Provide methods of increasing service income
  2. Increase product sales
  3. Reduce operational costs and
  4. Increase profitability

See how FP Solutions can work for:


Perfect for managing your work each day and learning to excel

Managers & Principals

Perfect for managing people and your planning business

AFSL Holders

Drive business growth and profits using our tools in your business

Dealer Groups

Add value, increase your planner base and improve productivity

Institutions & Product Providers

Increase distribution, add more value and sell more products

Industry Associations

Manage Dealer Group, Planner and Product Provider Relationships with ease