Education, Training and CPD management has never been easier

Manage Dealer Group, Planner and Product Provider Relationships with ease


Education and Training of Planners

Use our tutorials, build your own tutorials, share knowledge with whomever you choose. It's simple.

  • Increase accountability with the option to create online assessments.
  • Reach more members using the online training networks.
  • Make your materials available online and test people as you like.

Manage Dealer Group and Planner CPD

Assign CPD activities for employees, employers, dealer groups and third parties with ease.

  • Assign CPD activities to members.
  • Create Assessments on CPD Activities.
  • Monitor completion rates of assigned CPD activities.
  • Monitor results of assessments.
  • Benchmark performance of planners, dealer groups and others in your network.
  • Reach more members using online activity assignment tools.

Create, Manage and Benchmark Employee Relationships

Employees relationships, dealer groups and institution relationships can be managed and performance benchmarked with ease using manager solutions.

  • Create relational agreements.
  • Build relational organisational charts.
  • Define and assign responsibilities internally and externally.
  • Benchmark performance internal and external relationships.
  • Build your relationships quickly using online networking and business activity.

Monitor, Benchmark and assess internal and external relations

Keep track of the workflows of internal and external parties with whom you have relationships.

  • Monitor employee performance.
  • Monitor contractor or third party productivity.
  • Track how much work has been assigned, what has been completed, what is overdue and more.