Support for financial professionals to aid self-education and training

Looking to create your own solution for Financial Planning Practice Development but need assistance? We can help.


FP Solutions can work with you as independent contractors who are paid hourly, per day, or per project.

FP Solutions have expertise in:

  • Financial planning practice management
  • Financial planning practice development
  • Dealer group development and management
  • Business development
  • Curriculum design development, delivery for practice development programs
  • Education and training in financial planning practice development
  • Creating FOFA friendly solutions
  • Practice management systems design and development

The very experienced and qualified consultants at FP Solutions are here to help you.

FP Solutions was initially created to provide an infrastructure for practice development solutions for the financial planning sector. If you would like to re brand or badge the Practice Development Program and/or the Manager Solutions Software solutions to "make it your own" we can help.

We will assist with:

  1. Systems integration using your current tools
  2. Rebranding of the Manager Solutions Software
  3. Customisation of the Manager Solutions Software to suit your needs
  4. Rebranding and customising of the practice development education and training tutorials
  5. Creation of additional tutorials with you or for you
  6. Creation of business systems and performance benchmarking applications and outputs to suit your needs.

We'll ask you to explain where you'd like assistance and then:

  1. We'll agree on a process to move forward
  2. We'll agree on pricing and
  3. Together we'll create the solution you need.

You know what you want, our job is to deliver solutions.

Ways to use our consulting services

We can assist you with:

Practice Development Programs

  • Creating your own Financial Planning Practice Development Program
  • Badging our Financial Planning Practice Development Program
  • Blending your Practice Development Program and our program together

Education and Training in Practice Development

  • Training Planners
  • Training Practice Managers
  • Training Trainers
  • Assisting with Course and Content design
  • Creating conference course content and design
  • Presenting

Manager and Business Software Solutions

  • Customising Manager Solutions software for your business